Folded origami candy boxes as favors and decorations

Guestpost by Elizabeth Jancewicz on Aug. 16th

You may remember her colorful communion bread, or her invitations made with a sewing machine, but Elizabeth Jancewicz is back with her origami and candy favors that can also double as decor.

I learned how to make these from adorable Japanese children when I volunteered at a school while I was living in Japan a few years ago. I posted the instructions for these on my personal blog, here. My future husband must have clocked in about sixty-or-so hours of paper folding, since each one took twelve pieces of paper, and we decided to make 200 favors!

During an eight hour road trip, I sat in the passenger seat with a huge paper bag full of these little pieces of folded paper and a couple pounds of candy, and I put them together. I stuffed each with Warheads, Jolly Ranchers, Now and Laters, Starbursts, and salt water taffy (a couple of our favorites).

Once home we finished them up and added a knotted loop with a tag to each one. One side of the tag has our names, the other side has one of two Bible verses related to honey (candy, sweets… get it?). One of the verses cracks us up:

"My son, eat honey for it is good, and the drippings of the honeycomb are sweet to your taste." Prov 24:13

"If you have found honey, eat only enough for you, lest you have your fill of it and vomit it." Prov 24:13

We had a good amount of left-over folded pieces, and I didn't want to waste any of the hard work my FH had put into them, so we put these larger ones together, that each take 30 pieces instead of 12, and we'll hang them around the venue grounds.

200 folded origami puzzle boxes is no easy task. Both my FH and I talked about how if we'd had any idea the kind of work it would take, we would've never tried to do this! Ha.

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About Elizabeth Jancewicz

Elizabeth and her future husband are a bit of a mini creative team: he's a piano player/song writer and, when she's not teaching art, Elizabeth goes on tour with him, playing and singing and doing an entire oil painting during the set. Their plan is to do that full-time after their wedding this summer.