Custom wedding hangers that'll jazz up your wedding pics

Guestpost by Alexis on Aug. 4th

Custom wood hangers from Etsy seller Paloma's Nest.

I was pretty sure that I wanted cute hangers so that something cutesy peeked out in all the getting-ready wedding photos. The ones I coveted the most were the ones with old-timey black stencils on regular hangers like the ones pictured above. But unfortunately, they're selling for $30+ on Etsy, which made me a bit sad. Also, I loved the wire-shaped ones that spell out your name across the bottom, but they're also selling for around $25. I could try to DIY them, but was almost entirely sure I would end up maiming myself with wire cutters.

So I took a trip to Michaels to get some supplies to make my own customized wedding hangers.

I started with two plain old wooden clothes hangers from Ikea, they came in an 8-pack for $4.49. Next, at Michaels, I picked up a sheet of alphabet and number stickers and a yard of white ribbon for the top.

I cut the ribbon and stuck the ends under a light for about half a second so the ends melt and won't fray in the future. Then I really just stuck the stickers on, tied the ribbon and voila!

I'm actually super-happy with the way they came out! They have just enough flair for the two of us, but are still fairly simple. Our wedding will have a very rustic feel to it, so I'm pretty excited to have cute, "country"-looking hangers.

PS: I have tons of extra letters left — any ideas for what to do with them all?

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