Typerings, where font nerds and wedding rings collide

By on Aug. 2nd

If you guys are still on the lookout for some truly personalized wedding rings… or if you happen to be a font nerd… or if you and your beloved share a meaningful quote, song lyric, or saying… you're gonna FLIP over our Amsterdam-based sponsor Typerings.

Typerings let you design a ring with any inscription to be used as your wedding bands, an engagement ring, or even gifts for your loved ones. Beyond the inscrption you also get to choose how to personalize your ring, using different band styles AND fonts, to make your one-of-a-kind rings a reality.

Cool, right!? Curious to see how it works? Keep reading and you'll also get to check out my special Star Wars-inspired wedding band creation.

Here's how to get your Typerings in three steps:

  1. Select a ring from their fabulous collection (silver, gold, and white gold).
  2. Enter your own text, choosing from eight divergent fonts (we're talking not just the 'ol Courier, Futura or Edwardian Script fonts).
  3. Then decide what size you want your ring to be, and order!

This means that, if you want your very own amazing Han and Leia quote (a la Empire Strikes Back) ring — you totally can! I just whipped this bad boy up in seconds using their ring designer. You guys have to try the ring designer — it's amazingly simple to use and you can drag and view the ring from all angles. It's freaking cool.

Maybe you guys are huge music lovers and you have special song lyrics you'd like to immortalize on your wedding bands. Typerings is where you want to go. Even if you're looking for something beyond phrases and fonts, maybe you want to use symbols or logos, Typerings can also hook you up with those as well. Hell, if you REALLY wanted a completely no-conflict diamond ring, Typerings can also that for ya — just write "diamond" on the band and feel amazing about it. ;)

Typerings is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

With all that customization and awesomeness, you'd think, "clearly I can't afford these puppies," but get this: their prices start around $199 USD or €165. And all their rings are made to order in the Netherlands and then delivered to you within twelve days to over 30 countries. So no one need miss out on having their wedding date and favorite song lyric, Star Wars quote, inside joke, or wedding vows engraved into their gorgeous wedding band in clever fonts. Head over to Typerings.com and see what you can create!