Collaborate on a family wedding quilt made of cake!

Guestpost by Donna Smith on Jul. 26th

Donna's fiance had a brilliant spin on the family quilt idea: what about a family quilt that you can not only display at the wedding, but also eat? That's right, I said "eat." Introducing the family cake quilt.

We believe homemade cake is the best! Cakes baked from family heirloom recipes and made with love are so delicious to share with friends and family. So, what better way to share great wedding cake than through a friends and family collaborative cake quilt? (This was my fiance's idea/inspiration, isn't he fantastic?)

Here's how it'll work:

We have a post on our wedding website for guests to sign up and discuss with each other. I plan on having an option on the printed invitations/RSVP cards so not-so tech savvy folks can sign up as well.

We ordered golden cake boards that I'm going to ship with a small thank you/instruction card to the participants. I think the cake boards are so important, and add a physical, tangible board to associate the agreement to participate. It's also a visual reminder, and the gold makes it feel extra special! And they should all be the same size to keep the quilt looking a little more unified than a random cake potluck.

And then I made a video to show how easy, simple, fun participating will be…


The pics are in! Here's how the quilt cake looked in action, on the wedding day:

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