Theater geek wedding with Buddy Holly style

By on Jul. 28th

As their photographer, Amber from Zasey Photography explained, "Justin and Julie are the epitome of rock star style meets nerd at heart." Here are some of my most favorite details from their Texas theater geek wedding.

First of all, ain't Julie adorable? I'm a fan of her colorful tatts and her choice of wedding jewelry.

Ooh, but check out the shoes as well — checkered Vans and Julie's Vivienne Westwood (our favorites!) purple heart shoes.

But MY favorite part about this fun-loving wedding is their wedding cakes! The heart cake is just super duper stylish, but what you are looking at on the right there is the groom's frisbee golf cake. (By the way "frisbee golf cake" is probably my favorite thing I'll type all week.)

For more theater geek wedding goodies (fabric bouquet, candy porn, and fun with bubbles) head over to Zasey Photography's blog.

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