Lace + spray paint = awesome wedding decor

By on Jul. 28th

It's as easy as using lace fabric as a stencil to spray paint a lacy pattern onto butcher paper!

Using this technique, you can produce tons of funky and brightly colored tablecloths on the cheap. Plus, your handmade, fancy butcher paper can also be used for decorations around your venue, like hanging hearts, or a photo backdrop. Or, when it is all said and done, the patterned paper can even make pretty end-papers for your wedding album!

What you will need:

For my demo I'm using lace doilies instead of lace fabric.

First spray your lace with spray adhesive.

Now place your lace onto your butcher paper, sticky side down. Then spray-paint your lace and paper!

Let the paint dry and peel your lace from the paper. If you want, save your lace — you can spray-paint through the same piece of lace over and over again if you are making several table coverings.

It looks awesome! Be sure to give your final piece a coat of clear acrylic craft finishing spray so that the color does not rub off onto your guests!

Joy used this craft to make multi-colored tablecloths for her state park wedding. I *LOVE* that she used board games as her centerpieces!

With her extra paper she cut out some hearts and hung them up!

Alec, the handsome groom:

Then we had the idea to hang some of the paper on the wall and use it as a photo backdrop! Isn't Joy gorgeous?

After the lace-patterned paper made such a splash on her wedding day, Joy decided to use some as the endpapers for her wedding album. The album is by Leigh-Ann at Freckled Nest. So wonderful!

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