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Where can I find non-conductive wedding rings?

By on Jul. 20th

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I'm having difficulty finding rings that are NON-CONDUCTIVE! My electrician boyfriend can't wear a metal band because of the safety risk at work. As much as I love tattoos, he won't do it, so I've been looking for anything that we can use that won't fall apart.

Any thoughts?


Well, I gotta be honest here and say, your safest bet is for your man to not wear a wedding ring. ANY ring can not only contain some form of conductive material, but can also be harmful in many other ways to anyone who works with their hands and dangerous machines on a daily basis. But, I figured this might make a fun (if not challenging) ring roundup. So, for the answer to this question, I turned to my engineer husband, and here is what we came up with for some possible non-conductive wedding bands for boys and girls.

[CAUTION: While we might be smart about weddings, we'd never claim to be electrical safety experts. Use this post as a guideline, and please do your own research before purchasing and wearing any ring in a dangerous situation.]

Wooden rings

Wooden rings are a great option. I love this one that I found on Amazon. It has cubic zirconia accents, which makes it fancy AND keeps the cost down.

I also had a wooden band made for my husband when I was still hoping he'd wear a ring. For my wooden ring search I turned to Etsy and was overwhelmed by the choices. You could even get a wooden ring with natural stone inlays, which add some color, or uniqueness, but don't conduct electricity.

Here are some more examples. Click on a ring to get more information. even makes wooden rings in an engagement ring-style! Love that.

Wood rings from Etsy seller WoodRecycled are great for the eco-conscious.

This wood ring from Etsy seller MnMWoodworks has a crushed stone inlay that makes it extra pretty.

You know I love this Hawaiian ku'uipo (meaning sweetheart) ring. Plus it's made from Koa wood so it's SUPER strong.

Resin rings

Resin is a fun choice. I found the ones pictured here on Etsy from Milkwood Design which has a lot of different resin ring choices in all sorts of fun colors. That's the great part about resin — the infinite possibilities of colors and patterns.

Fortunately for you female electricians, resin rings are more catered to the ladies, with hot designers such as Marc Jacobs getting on the resin ring train.

Here are some more examples of resin rings. Click on each ring for more information.

I like this carved resin ring so much, I might get one for myself!

Here's another girly ring option from one of my favorite stores, Folli Follie.

Finally, another unisex option from Etsy seller Beadevolution.

Ceramic rings

Vishal Jewelry's shop over on Amazon has some really pretty ceramic ring options. I'm digging this white one, but I also have to draw your attention to the cutest pink ceramic rings that you ever did see. Ooh, or there's this combined ceramic AND carbon fiber ring for a double dose of non-conductivity. also carries a line of ceramic rings, including ones that are shiny just like metal.

Black ceramic ring with a small diamond.

White ceramic ring with faceted design.

Orange ceramic ring with design.


3_ring_adjusted_1024x1024Silicone: not just for boobs! They also make a good metal ring-alternative.

Our sponsor QALOThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them makes rings out of think silicone which makes them non only non-conductive, but super-comfy. Check out more info about QALO on this post, including all their color options!

Guys, gals, what are your favorite rings to wear that won't give you electrical shocks?