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Make your own awesome groom's cake

By on Jul. 13th

Okay, my love of groom's cakes has now reached the "full-blown obsession" level. We already know that grooms get the coolest cakes; it's like, the southern tradition of the groom's cake gives couples permission to get a little funky and silly with their desserts. Though it's not always likely that you can afford a second cake made in the shape of your husband's favorite musical instrument?

OR CAN YOU? Whether you're marrying a classical musician, ukulele player or pure rock 'n roll god, this guitar cake sets the tone for your music-inspired wedding for $13 + baking supplies.

Not into music? No worries, there are so many great options including ones for sports lovers, book lovers, and even a 3D teddy bear!

Monkey cake!

This round cake mold is kind of the shit. You could, of course, make a ball-sports related groom's cake, but with a little creativity you could be whipping up things like the dinosaur cake as well. Love it.

Speaking of dinosaurs, I have a bit of a crush on the partysaurus cake pan.

Got a book nerd on your hands? Have I got the cake pan for you! I could see some of you guys doing a Harry Potter groom's cake kind of thing for sure.


I've seen WALL-E cake toppers, but never a WALL-E cake before. Perhaps that'll change now?

I know a lot of people who are into trains and this 3D train cake mold trips me out.

Surrender to the Dark Side — we have delicious cake.

Pirate ship cake, perfect for your pirate wedding.

You could use this cute teddy bear cake mold to make a cute teddy bear, OR you could use it to make an awesome zombie teddy bear with a decapitated head.

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