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By on Jul. 11th

Thanks to Catherine for sending this our way…

On a slow day at work recently, I was looking at out-of-print children's books on the Project Gutenberg website. I started "Clover," by Susan Coolidge (author of "What Katy Did"), and came across a passage that I thought you'd enjoy:

"I always have hated the ordinary kind of wedding, with its fuss and worry and so much of everything, and just like all the other weddings, and the bride looking tired to death, and nobody enjoying it a bit. I'd like mine to be different, and more — more — real. I don't want any show or processing about, but just to have things nice and pretty, and all the people I love and who love me to come to it, and nothing cut and dried, and nobody tired, and to make it a sort of dear, loving occasion, with leisure to realize how dear it is and what it all means…

[N]owadays, when the butcher and baker and candlestick-maker and everybody else do it just alike, the custom seems to me to have lost its charm. I never did enjoy having things exactly as every one else has them, — all going in the same direction like a flock of sheep. I would like my little wedding to be something especially my own."

The book's publication date? 1907.

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