Four reasons to love Flower Muse (and one reason to make sweet love to them)

By on Jul. 8th

If you're thinking about DIYing your wedding flowers to cut down on the cost, you're going to flip for our sponsor Flower Muse. In the interest of facilitating your flippage, here are four reasons why they're awesome, and one reason that's going to push you right into their lovin' arms…

1. Flower Muse is anti Wedding Industrial Complex

Flower Muse is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

Flower Muse blossomed (so to speak) out of the shared frustration over the high prices and extreme difficulty in getting new, differentn and sometimes non-traditional flowers for weddings. The people behind Flower Muse are a mix of flower experts, farmers, former management consultants, a statistician, and a punk rocker, and they all that want to help you get all the gorgeous flowers you want.

Whether that means that you need to match a very specific color, or that you want a flower that will make all your guests say "What is that curly green thing in her bouquet? It looks like an alien life form," Flower Muse can help you with their amazing selection and an offbeat discount (more about that later).

2. Flower Muse flowers last longer

All of Flower Muse's flowers are delivered directly from the farm to your doorstep. Flowers sent directly from the farm last longer than flowers that have to travel from the farm … to an exporter … to an importer … to a wholesaler … to a retailer … and then to you. And can we all take a moment to admire their incredible rose selection? I had no idea roses came in purple! Wow. Pretty. Okay… back to to Flower Muse…

3. Flower Muse loves offbeat brides

Although wedding flowers are a pretty traditional item, Flower Muse has supplied flowers to a number of weddings that had an offbeat flare. And they welcome working with brides who have visions of fiddle ferns and purple blooms dancing in their heads.

This is their Green Trick Dianthus.

4. No DIY skills? No problem.

For those of you who are thinking, "Buh… I don't know ANYTHING about flowers, but I'm really liking Flower Muse" you're gonna like their wedding packages. Packages of wedding flowers are an easy way to do your own wedding flowers! And when you buy a package, you not only get the wholesale flower price but you get additional savings by buying your package items together.

This is their Hard Rock Nobio.

5. Flower Muse is offering you a discount

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Flower Muse is offering a 10% off to anyone who is a member of the Offbeat Bride family. Just tell them you saw this ad on Offbeat Bride!

If that discount doesn't make you fall into their ever-lovin' arms, I don't know what will! Because y'all seriously can't beat the combo or fresh farm-delivered flowers, the money you save by DIYing your flowers and, to top off, an offbeat discount? If you're even considering DIYing your flowers, get in touch with Flower Muse and see what you can whip up!