Custom gifts and accessories with your own photos from Jerseymaids

By on Jul. 26th

For those of you looking for awesome gifts for your wedding party, you're gonna wanna get acquainted with our sponsor Jerseymaids.

Jerseymaids gives you a range of gifts and accessories with a dreamy Polaroid photography flair, from brooches for bouquets, to jewelry sets for your bridesmaids, to customized cufflinks for your groomsmen, to hand-bound wedding guestbooks. And everything can be customized with YOUR photos. So keep reading to take a peek at all these nifty gifts and wedding goodies for you and your wedding party.

For the bridesmaids, groomsgirls, and other jewelry-lovers

First up, Jerseymaids' awesome lockets and even clockets (clock + locket = adorable). All of these lockets can be customized with Jerseymaids' own Polaroid photos, or photos from your own collection. Ooh, and Jerseymaids also has matching earring sets or tiny photo pendants for you girls as well.

For groomsmen, groomsgirls and other accessory-lovers

Jerseymaids has got your boys covered too with these customizable photo cufflinks. How cool would these be as super thoughtful gifts OR as a small memorial with a huge impact? The same could be said for Jerseymaids' gorgeous pocket watches or even these bad-ass tie clips.

For yourself

For those of you making a brooch bouquet for your wedding, Jerseymaids has Polaroid photo brooches, as well as the option to have your own custom photos turned into heirloom brooches.

For your guests

With all the sweet Polaroid inspiration floating around Jerseymaids' shop, it should be a surprise that you could also get your own hand-bound Polaroid guest book made. Of course for the sweet price of $35, you could also have a few more whipped up with different photos and give them as wedding party gifts as well.

Jerseymaids cute Polaroid Pouches.

For piece of mind

Jerseymaids offers graduated discounts when you purchase multiple items. And all your bridal party purchases come individually gift wrapped — taking one step out of your already hectic wedding planning schedule.

Oh, this was just the tip of the iceberg of all the cool things you can find (and customize). Head over to Jerseymaids now to see what else they have.