Scary-good monster movie poster wedding invitations!

By on Jun. 1st

monster movie wedding invitation

Tribesmaid DragonLady just unveiled her frighteningly awesome wedding invitations in the style of a monster movie poster.

And, yes, that is a shark hanging off of the girl-monster's skirt. (You know I love that!) How did she pull these off? Well, the key to an amazing invite like this, is to be engaged to an artist! Her future husband is an illustrator, who mainly focuses on narrative artwork, and he did this all himself.

These invites are going to printed at a poster size 11"x17" and then mailed out to their guests. They're also going to print one poster for themselves without all the wedding info to use as their guestbook, having their guests all sign the bottom of the poster. They plan to frame it afterwards, and I think that's brilliant. It's all brilliant. I'm in AWE of all the brilliance.

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