The sexy men of the wedding party, plus major cake geekage

By on Jun. 27th

This week's Monday Montage is a little boy-crazy. Let's bask in the glow of some sexy men! Plus some rock 'n' roll and geek love from the Offbeat Flickr Pool.

Andrea and Alex teasers-001.jpg

Photo by Whitney Lee

Alex and his groomsmen decided to just skip the wedding and start a new wave air guitar band. They are currently air-touring around that same field.

The enthusiasm these guys are showing is contagious — even the statue is getting in on the shot.

These handsome gents are testing the plumbing in the great outdoors. Don't worry guys, you already look clean to me.

Leah and Charles's wedding sported some fine groomsman, including one who is fairly adept at jumping-while-baby-holding. I've always said you're never too young to ham it up with the dudes…

…or the ladies apparently. This little man knows how to keep them wanting more (and the groomsman doesn't seem to mind either).

We can't let the groomsmen have all the fun. Check out Melanie and Mike finding time during their wedding day to pay homage to rock 'n' roll and their purty rings. Retro-fabulous!

Eating Pac Man
Bethany and Tim give us a dose of geek-chic with their Pac-Man cakes while playing Portal's "Still Alive." This cake is definitely not a lie.

Sheri & Chris's Wedding 040

Photo by Jill Sawyer-Phypers

More geek stuff, you say? We've got you covered. Sheri and Chris had this awesome Mario-Wall*E-Nintendo mashup cake. Old school meets new school video game love.

This guest at Leah and Charles's wedding knows exactly how I feel about these photos. Woot indeed, sir.

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