Tribe member Gillian's funky, sunny, Scottish wedding tease

By on Jun. 21st

This wedding, from photographer Nikki McLeod, had me at UNION JACK SHOES! But there's so much more than just awesome shoes at this wedding — keep reading to see the rare sunny day wedding in Scotland of Tribe member Gillian.

Gillian and her Philadelphia boy, Mark, got married at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. You know, where Prince William met Kate and all that. (Why the hell didn't those two crazy royals get married THERE!? It's gorgeous! But I digress…)

Gillian's entire wedding ensemble is just perfection. Would you believe that her mother made that dress AND headpiece?

Oh yes, and her mother also made the cute fabric flags that the guests waved as the couple exited the chapel. And don't even get me started on a kilted groom! Yummers.

Speaking of yummy things: HELLO art deco wedding cake of my edible dreams. How did they bring themselves to cut into that thing? Hopefully we'll find out if and when Gillian fills out a bride profile. Until then, get a taste of more wedding porn over at Nikki McLeod's blog.

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