Don't let dresses have all the fun: 12 colored veils to steal the show

By on Jun. 7th

Over the years I've developed a bit of a crush on colored veils. But the problem is… you just don't see 'em all too often. So here's "Megan's tribute to the colored veils I have loved." We've got dramatic reds, daring purples, and understated blues, even some fiery oranges up in this! Feast your eyeballs:

I'm starting off with a bang with Cadaverous Muse's incredible veil/hat combo using black and purple tulle for the fall and a black netting for over her face.

Couple Portrait on the BenchThis is Jesse and Aiko posing on a bench at Mayfield Park. I think this was our first (and only?) gorgeous grey cathedral-length veil. The veil was sewn by the bride's mother from a platinum chiffon fabric.

DSC_0729Torey's had a purple-themed wedding complete with purple dress, flower, and that amazing purple veil.

sc00284d9eShort, sweet and black. I love this. RedRubyRing made her own birdcage veil and fascinator.

Luke & Suzanne's Muppet weddingSuzanne wore a light blue birdcage veil with a sparkly "POW" fascinator for the Muppet wedding.

327Becky went all out with her blue veil for her winter wedding in Vermont.

And how could we ever forget Kimmy's purple veil from Kimmy & Ramzi's hill country sunset wedding with bells!

3-115_2The same with Oonagh's gold veil that perfectly complimented her amazing golden dress.

Clarke 552 LRTuesday_Silver had the cutest, classiest little purple be-ribboned veil.

manya 143Tanya's bright red birdcage veil makes me so very happy. I love how it doesn't seem to have any form to it, just a mass of red netting that looks perfectly in place somehow. So cool!

Say what?Misty's take on her red veil was a little different — not only was it bright red, but it was gathered in such a beautiful and unique way underneath her up-do.

looking at the water

Photo by Eva Hadhazy.

Tribe member Aemwhy rocked a ribbon veil with warm and happy oranges and yellows. She made it herself with the help of a friend.

Unfortunately, this wasn't an easy roundup, due to lack of colored veil pornage. MOAR COLORED VEILS PLZ!