How to make your own backstage passes for your VIP wedding crew

Guestpost by KRiSTEN on Jun. 9th

For our wedding, we decided to name the tables after our favorite bands, and make backstage pass "place cards" for our guests. I had an awesome graphics designer friend make the designs for me. Then my mom, sister, and I did the rest.

What you will need:

This is the design that my awesome friend made. I was able to change the band name and picture, and change "Name 1," "Name 2," etc, to actual guest name.

This is our wedding logo for the back of the passes. It lined up perfectly when it was printed on the back of the sheet. Still, I recommend testing it on cheap paper before trying it on your good paper.

Print them on cardstock. Then cut them out. These are the wedding party's passes, un-laminated, front and back. (The wedding party got to choose the band we put on their pass. The guests got whatever band we assigned to them.)

Then laminate them! You can laminate four on one sheet. DO NOT use self-stick laminating sheets, as the results can look cheap. Use a heat laminator, and borrow one if you can. (My mom brought hers home from work.)

Make sure you leave enough room above the pass to punch a hole in it. Punch a hole in the top using a regular hole puncher, then attach the lanyard hooks. You can get a lot of lanyards really cheap on eBay. I paid $20 for 100.

At the reception, I will hang them from nails in a cork board covered with red fabric, one band on each nail. On the table in front of the cork board, I will put these sheets. In addition to the list of guests who have been assigned to each band table, I put two sentences about each band (copied from Wikipedia, I confess) so our relatives aren't looking at their passes going "Who the f— is Alkaline Trio?"