Portuguese "happy pill" wedding favors

By on Jun. 28th

Tribe member Helena Teixeira didn't want to spend too much on wedding favors. So she combined that idea with her love of sweets and vintage '50s Portuguese advertisements and created these!

I totally love Jesus Had a Sister Productions and I wanted to do something like their little packages. So, I first searched for '50s advertisement images of women. I preferred the Portuguese ads, but wasn't sure I was gonna find one. But find it I did!

No worries: this image is old and therefore in the public domain.

This is the advertisement image I chose, a '50s ad by Vaqueiro, who produce margarine and butter. I totally loved her smiling face, super white teeth and hairdo!

So I designed this on Microsoft Office's PowerPoint:

The text reads: Happiness pills. Take one for immediate satisfaction and relief of concerns. Repeat when necessary. You won't stop smiling, not even in the Department of Finance's line or stuck in traffic!

I copied and pasted eight of those images to a page. I then printed the pages out on different colored paper.

I then got these little 7x10cm plastic bags from an office supply store.

I cut all the tiny ads into rectangles, and put them into the bags.

Finally, I just added the happiness pills themselves: jelly beans! I hope people like them, because I know I do!

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