From the duct tape to muglies: all the little ways Offbeat Bride shaped my wedding

Guestpost by FoodBoxLady on May. 12th

Smooches for the Offbeat Bride book and website from Foodboxlady!

My hands and sore and crampy and it's not from compulsive blogging. It's from trimming about a ga-gillion yards of tulle off of my too-long wedding dress. The same wedding dress that is hanging off the dress-form that I just made out of duct tape, thanks to the handy dandy DIY tutorial. I am doing alternations myself after comparing prices with other Tribe members and realizing the quotes I was getting were far too high.

Offbeat Bride has been the inspiration for lots of things…

Like buying "muglies" (thanks Ariel for a kicking book!) for my self-catered reception. To wear shoes I have worn before. To make my own invitations, and to find wording for those invitations that don't make me want to barf. After a frustrating search for a wedding gown complete with nasty shop clerks, Offbeat Bride encouraged me to buy my wedding dress online, with other offbeat brides on the Tribe who gave me encouragement and commiseration. Everything I needed when I was really stressed out and had no one to talk to was right here.

I am positive that Offbeat Bride has helped my relationship with my fiance. He does not have to listen to me go on and on about something (wedding-related) that is bugging me, because I can vent in the Primal Scream forum on the Tribe. It has also allowed me to read about other similar couples who do not fill gender "norms," and taught me that whatever is "normal" for us and makes our relationship work, is awesome. I feel more confident in the choices we as a couple make because of the support network Offbeat Bride provides.

I am very very very happy that I am not getting married pre-Offbeat Bride. I looked at a bridal magazine today and, instead of it intimidating me or making me feel bad about my wedding choices, it looked boring and dated. Where are the coloured dress options? Where are the rocking grooms? Where are the excellent budget options for the recession bride? Where are the wicked cool flower alternatives? They aren't there.

Thanks, Offbeat Bride. I don't know how I would get through the next six months of planning without you.

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