Matt's amazing superhero wedding surprise!

By on May. 31st

Mercury hall wedding in austin, tx

That's EXACTLY how I'd look too if (and when) my husband revealed to me that my suspicions about him were true. All photos by Nadine.

At the end of their reception, Matt confessed to his brand spakin' new wife Jen that he had a secret to share. Then he ripped his tuxedo opened to reveal that he was, in fact, a freaking superhero! The Super Boyfriend.

Mercury hall wedding in austin, tx

And, wouldn't you know it, he clearly has side-kicks — like ANY good superhero.

Mercury hall wedding in austin, tx

Then Matt gave Jen a matching Super Girlfriend cape.

mercury hall wedding

Then they did what ANY of us would do after we found out that our husband is also a kick-ass superhero: they ran away together and (hopefully) they sealed the deal with some super sexy time!

Matt, you might as well have just dropped the mic and walked away from your wedding reception… because you fucking KILLED IT, man.

Thanks so much to their photographer Nadine for not only hooking us up with these photos, but capturing these moments so damn well. AMAZING.

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