Save the date: Offbeat Empire at Geek Girl Con this October (+PARTAY!)

By on May. 11th

Friends, I've got some SUPER exciting news to share today: the entire staff of the Offbeat Empire will be doing a panel at the Geek Girl Con, a weekend-long event in in Seattle October 8-9, 2011! The con aims to celebrate all corners of geekitude — from science and tech to gaming and sci-fi to, yes, web nerds and our silly blogs!

About our panel

The Offbeat Empire panel is called "Rocking the geek niche: Nerdiness is your superpower" and will feature staff from Offbeat Bride, Offbeat Mama, and Offbeat Home. Here's what the panel will cover:

Will we see you in Seattle this fall?

We'll address not only how the Offbeat Empire is built on celebrating geek culture, but also how each panelist has applied her individual techy/nerdy qualities in her career development. Then we'll take it meta and focus on how readers of the Empires' popular sites can work the nerd niche in the following parts of their lives:

  • How brides use it to plan weddings. We see it all the time when people have geeky weddings, how whole communities of friends come together to help out because they're excited to get behind something that's not only different, but celebrates their otherwise ridiculed niches.
  • Parents can use it to raise their kids. Think good and evil in the Star Wars world, taking kids to cons, learning about bullying and confidence development.
  • Creating a home, creating a safe space to be yourself… retiring to your Millenium Falcon bed and feeling like a rock star.

Needless to say, we're all super excited about this panel and hoping that we can lure some of y'all from all over the US to come to Seattle this fall for a visit. But you know what's the most exciting to me? Having all the Offbeat Empire staffers in ONE ROOM! We all work remotely, with mah peeps scattered across Washington, California, Arizona, Iowa, Arkansas, Virginia, New York, and New Hampshire. We've never all been in the same place at the same time. EVER. (Most astounding: I've never met my web dev, who I've worked with for almost a decade. How weird is that?!)

About the partay

To celebrate everyone being together for the first time, we're going to be throwing a massive party the night before the Geek Girl Con starts, teaming up with Seattle's Urban Light Studios to throw a big ol' boozy reception. We'll have snacks from Shooby Doo Catering, gift bags and giveaways, delicious desserts, very strong punch, and who knows what other geeky insanity.

And when I say "other geeky insanity," I'm not even sure what I mean yet. Me in full Loli regalia? Offbeat Megan as Han Solo? Offbeat Mama's Stephanie celebrating a crazy weekend away from her little Chewie? Offbeat Home's Cat in her best Trekkie corset? My developer Jennifer Dodd drunkenly singing about her favorite regex anchors? Doctor Who-themed strippers?! (I demand Eleven/Rory making out!) WHO KNOWS! We're just starting our schemes, and we're lucky in that Offbeat Bride Tribe's Community Manager, Ang, also happens to be a wedding coordinator who's going to plan the FUCK out of this party. You probably don't want to miss it. (Oh and PS: if you're a vendor who'd like to get involved, email Ang!)

So, in summary:

SAVE THE DATE: October 7-9, 2011

See you in Seattle this fall!