Karen & Jon's granny-tastic wedding decor will make your heart flutter

By on May. 4th Photos by Adelita Rose
All photos by Adelita Rose

All photos by Adelita Rose

Jon and Karen wanted a small, casual wedding somewhere their friends and family would feel at home. So they held their wedding at a country inn in Ontario, which they booked for two nights so the whole family and wedding party could help to set up for the party. You would think that this wedding was put together by professional decorators with how amazing everything came out. These photos from their photographer, Caitlin Den Boer of Adelita Rose, are just the tip of the iceberg that is the incredible decor stylings of Jon and Karen's Ontario wedding.


Karen described her wedding color pallet as "granny-tastic," drawing her inspiration from vintage fabrics and floral prints. She wanted the guests to feel a part of the vibe, so she used pin-back buttons covered in vintage fabric for the seating chart and everyone ended up wearing their buttons throughout the evening.





Check out all the cool decorations going on with this whole head table situation here. Tiny little pompoms hanging from great big branches, centerpieces made up of thrift store finds, and there's even the tiniest bunting banner stretched across the front of the table. So. Freaking. CUTE.

One of my favorite decor details is these vintage centerpieces. Jon and Karen collected vintage animal-shaped planters over the year and a half that they were engaged. Then they cleaned 'em up, put live cacti, succulents and flowers into them (purchased from Home Depot), and let guests take them home at the end of the night. There are also vintage bottles and doilies from her parents' collections thrown into the mix.

Oh wait, did I say the centerpieces were my favorite? I was wrong: this unicorn poster in homage to their love that was designed by the bride's sister is my MOST favorite. Do you hear me, bride's sister!? I want one!

Now head over to Adelita Rose's website to see the slideshow of more decor details, like their ceremony site ball garland, and napkin rings made from vintage bedsheets.