Telluride heli-skiing wedding!

By on Mar. 3rd

You guys are going to LOVE this: Kari and Todd's "Awesome Telluride Wedding" in Colorado lasted for almost a week with many wedding-y adventures, including Heli-skiing! And we have Anita Nowacka to thank for capturing all the adventurous wedding porn.

Their Heli Ski adventure included a ceremony in the helicopter. Anita told us that they said "yes" to each other in a moment of laughter and sheer happiness, "You can see it in one photo when the officiant is reading the vows to them and they are cracking up."

I love this photo as much as I lust over that wide-angle lens. ;) Also, please note Kari's white wedding veil attached to her helmet and Todd's white bow tie under his ski suit! I die.

Speaking of dying, Heli skiing is both incredibly exhilirating and incredibly dangerous. They were 13,300 ft above the ground in an avalanche-prone area that you can only get to via helicopter. But you have to admit, the resulting wedding photos are soooooo worth it.

The next day they had the same helicopter officiant present at their official ceremony — when they signed the documents. The newest must-have wedding party accessories: skis and a ukulele.

Of course, they then skied down the mountain to their reception. To see those photos, and more, head over to Anita's blog.

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