Top 5 rustic wedding favors from Little Things

By on Mar. 18th

I know that we have tons of woodsy, Earthy and rustic-type brides from the number of amazing farm weddings and heavenly forest weddings that are submitted. That's why I'm positively certain that you guys are gonna really like these rustic wedding favors from our sponsor Little Things Favors. Much like we did with Little Things' edible, eco-friendly, geeky and rock 'n' roll favors, here is a roundup of our top five rustic wedding favor favorites…

These antique key bottle openers are both practical AND affordable. You could leave them on the table with a name tag tied on 'em to act as place cards. Or, they even look great in the box with the old-timey fonts! I'm thinking perfect for a vintage-style wedding, or even a Steampunk jam.

Remember when Ang had all that trouble with her cake balls? Little Things has got your balls covered (snarf!!!) with these adorable apple brownie bites!

So, I'm thinking that these mini metal watering cans would be great for wedding favors, centerpieces, or even bridal showers. It's just insanely perfect for farm weddings.

I love these tree design boxes. Something about them reminds me of a twee indie movie… am I alone on this? Either way, these would make quite an impact as favor boxes, or you could even use them to hold your rings.

Let's end this roundup on something sweet — personalized strawberry jam pots. These would be great for, not only farm weddings and outdoorsy weddings, but also brunch weddings especially. And for as low as $24.75 for twelve, they're super affordable.

So, if you've decided that you want to have wedding favors, Little Things has got you MORE than covered on that end. But there's so many more awesome rustic and vintage-style… well… THINGS over at Little Things. We're talking, mini lanterns, hay bale place card holders, even a birch canoe ring pillow alternative! If you're having a rustic or vintage or Earthy or woodsy-style wedding, you MUST click here to explore your options.

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