Offbeat groom starts showing his true colors via his browser history

Guestpost by Rockwell on Mar. 10th
Leon and Andrea's wedding

What is your groom looking at on his computer when you're not around?
Photo by jesse, used with Creative Commons license.

Recently on Offbeat Bride, there was a post about the musings of an offbeat groom. It was so fantastic that I sent it to my own groom to read, which he finally got around to doing.

He had this morning off from work, so he was chilling in the living room when I finally dragged my sleepy self out of bed to get some coffee. He was looking intently at my laptop when I came to sit next to him on the couch.

And he was looking at Offbeat Bride.

"Ohmigod, are you looking at Offbeat Bride?"

He immediately minimized the window, made his "I'm blushing" face, and said, "Noooo!"

"Ohmigod, you are looking at Offbeat Bride!" I squealed.

"No! Well, maybe yes," he stammered.

"That's so awesome!" I said. "That makes me happy. Isn't it an awesome site?" He reopened the internet window.

"It is pretty awesome," he agreed. "There's some cool stuff on here. Actually I was looking at some of the dude clothes." He showed me some posts of men's shoes and outfits. "Looks like I'm not the only guy who wants to wear more than just a plain suit."

"You're in good company here," I said. And I just couldn't stop smiling. It totally made my day that he was Offbeat Bride-ing, completely on his own, without me being the one who was dragging him over to look at something amazing on the screen (which I do quite often, but now methinks he might start doing it on his own!). :)

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