Bitchin' brides in killer corsets

By on Mar. 28th


I could lose myself in the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool for hours days. You bitches are too good. This week I was fawning over all of your sextastic corsets. They are so classic, yet they make me feel so naughty. I like it and I can't stop staring. Once you see these beauties, you won't be able to stop ogling either.

Getting ready

When it comes to corsets: no pain, no gain.

parasol - sun protection or fashion accessory?

The caption on this photo says, "parasol — sun protection or fashion accessory?" Either way, I say hell yeah.

The car, the nymphs, the brides

I also say HELL YEAH to posing with classic cars and hot singing groups called The Nymphs.

official wedding photos 236

A corset and a kilt? Together? In one photo? I must be dreaming.

Seth & Kelley Formal Wedding Portrait

Seth and Kelley look stupid hot in their wedding attire. They must be trying to seduce me, and it's working.

Dramatic Back View

I mean, get an eyeful of the back of Kelley's corset. I DIE.


Want to see even more corsets? CLICK HERE!

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