An adorable living room wedding with a Doctor Who surprise

By on Mar. 30th

Rich and Michelle were both pretty anti-marriage… until they met each other! When they changed their minds on the whole marriage thing, they wanted to have a low-key wedding. So they decided to do the ceremony in their living room and get married house party-style. Altared Visions Photography gave us the whole scoop…

Before the wedding ceremony, everyone bundled up and went outside in the freezing Providence, Rhode Island air for their formal shots. How appropo were Michelle's wedding rain boots?

Since they had just moved into their apartment, and lacked furniture, it was as a perfect open (and free!) space for their small wedding. And they were married by a temporarily ordained friend.

For their reception, they had a little house party with finger foods. And check out their cake — Tardis cake topper action! They cut that baby with meat cleaver. Also, I think those are little Tardis favors in the background.

To see more adorable living room wedding photos, head over to Altared Visions' blog.

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