Seattle's Carly Bish Photography will risk life & (tree?) limb for your wedding photos

By on Mar. 4th

Seattle photographer Carly, along with her her second-shooter husband, are the team behind our newest sponsor, and resident bad ass, Carly Bish Photography. Carly will literally put her ass on the line to get amazing shots for you. But more on that later… let's get to the pretty pictures and special deal…

The kind of couples that Carly Bish works with are, well, YOU GUYS: artists, musicians, readers, crafters, and even other photographers. The kind of weddings they shoot? Weddings like yours:

Carly Bish is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

"We love backyard venues with mismatched groomsmen and brides who wear an updated dress that belonged to their grandmother. We love weddings that take place at home, where Dad is whipping up BBQ with hot dogs and burgers as the main course and the cake looks like something out of the Corpse Bride. We're up for anything and we look at every wedding as an exciting new adventure we've never been on. And we wouldn't know how to do weddings any other way." –Carly

Carly Bish Photography offers customizable wedding packages in four different flavors. And they offer the whole shebang: wedding albums, engagement sessions, bridals, day after sessions, etc. Oh and get this, if you book a package that requires flight travel, they'll immediately throw in a Day After session and include full wedding day coverage.

For you photo enthusiasts out there, they also shoot a mixture of digital and film, and LOVE experimenting with new techniques all the time… even if that gets them into trouble sometimes, like, I don't know… falling out of a tree.

This is Carly after falling out of a tree while photographing Rachel and Sam's wedding.

Yup, falling out of a tree.

"Hoist me!" I commanded playfully to George, who grabbed my left leg and lifted me up until I was comfortably straddled [on the oak tree]. As I surveyed the scene below me, I started to think about composition and where I wanted my wedding party to stand. Suddenly, I noticed an untamed twig with dozens of leaves crowding my sight. I grabbed at the tiny branch and gave it a yank but it held fast. I yanked it again and gave a twist and then a pull and then… I was falling.

Carly will literally (and yes, I mean literally) put her safety at risk if it means getting that one perfect shot. Now THAT'S a bad-ass wedding photographer.

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Carly Bish Photography is offering offbeat couples that book them for their weddings a free engagement session and 10% off of their total package. If you book them from out of state, they're happy to convert that engagement session into a Rehearsal Dinner shoot, which comes on top of the Day After session and full wedding day coverage.

Oh, and on top of amazing deals, risking injury and beautiful wedding porn, all of their consultations are free and come with cake. So, get your cake and wedding photos too!

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