DIY SHOES: how to bling-out or vintage-ify your wedding shoes

By on Feb 10th

We've got a DIY double-feature for you today. This time it's about one of our favorite topics: OMG SHOES! We've got a tutorial for those of you who'd like to give your new wedding shoes the vintage look and for those of you who want to give your shoes a blinging upgrade. -Megs

DIY SHOE DAY, Part the first…

How to bling-out your wedding shoes, by MonkeyDo.

Tribe member MonkeyDo shows us how to Elton John-ify your wedding shoes. Instant disco shoe party here we go…

I'm getting weddinged in a field so I needed wedges, and my dress is knee length so I needed awesome wedges that will be on show. I love sparkly shoes and wanted some white sparkly wedges, taking my inspiration from the ones Katie Perry wore recently.

Sadly my budget does not stretch to Louboutin, and I couldn't find anything I liked anywhere in the world (and I really, really tried), so I decided to have a go at DIYing my own. They turned out way better than I was expecting and I love them very muchly! So, I thought I would share with you all, then hopefully sparkly shoes can take over the world.

What you will need:

  • One pair of shoes that look "meh" but you KNOW would look amazing once glitterfied.
  • If the shoes are not white (or colour required), cheap acrylic paint in required colour.
  • PVA glue (enough for several thin coats per shoe).
  • Glitter (I had two pots of 500g each and only used about 1/3 of each pot).
  • At least two paintbrushes. I had one for the acrylic paint, then one fat one for the glue/glitter and a thinner one for the edges and strap.

Purchase your non-glittery wedding shoes. These are the original shoes that I got for £10 in a sale from New Look. They are grey suede and very comfortable.

Painted them all over with a thin layer of acrylic white paint and let dry. My shoes took about 1 1/2 hours. (The nearby, half-asleep cat is optional).

Using a fat paintbrush, add a section of glue glitter mix to the shoe.

Then sprinkle the area with loose glitter. Make sure to use a lot, and if you sprinkle over the bowl it will catch the excess.

Then press the loose glitter firmly into the wet glue.

Repeat over whole shoe.

After the shoes are totally covered, check for patchiness, fill in any gaps, then leave them to dry overnight. They looked like this with the glue still wet.

Once the shoe is dry (I came back the next morning), cover the whole shoe with one more layer of glue, as thin as possible, and leave them to dry for a couple more hours.

I used half and half iridescent to holographic glitter and they are pretty intense IRL. I think for £22 all in they are amazing value and I'm fairly proud of myself.

A little bit of glitter does come off when I handle them, but that happens with the sparkly shoes I've bought from real-life shops, so I think it just goes with the territory.

Happy glittering OBBs!

DIY SHOE DAY — part the second…

How to vintage-ify your wedding shoes, by Marie-Gael

You guys might remember Tribe member Marie-Gael from her amazing $100 cave wedding, she's also a very crafty lady (seriously, check out her blog and her Etsy shop). Here is her guide to giving your new shoes that scuffed-up, vintage look…

When going for certain styles, vintage especially, your accessories looking shiny, new, and perfect can often make your look costumey.

A few months ago I purchased the most comfortable flapper booties for $14 at dsw (dsw rewards + clearance section = <3), but there was just something not right about them — they looked too new. So I went at them with a similar technique for giving a new statue an aged patina.

What you will need:

  • shoes
  • sand paper
  • metal finger nail file, if you so desire
  • black shoe polish
  • brown shoe polish

Purchase a vintage-style shoe. Pictured above are an Aerosoles Bootie.

Take to them with sand paper and a metal finger nail file till they are evenly uneven.

Next, rub in brown shoe polish followed by black shoe polish.

The resulting look is subtle, but it makes all the difference…

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