10 wedding bands to blow your dude's mind

February 11 | meggyfin
The TALON RING. $350 and totally wants to eat you for dinner.
The TALON RING. $350 and totally wants to eat you for dinner.

Women's wedding bands come in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles, and a lot of the time men's choices are boiled down to "gold" or "white gold."

So, I thought I'd do a roundup to encourage the guys to live it up a little. Here's some of my favorite men's wedding bands with some fucking personality…

Hey, just because my dude doesn't wear a wedding band, doesn't mean I can't swoon over men's jewelry porn for your dude!

Psst: These styles could look amazing for women's wedding bands, too.

I adore this wood grain, titanium wedding band. Perfect for the woodsy, outdoorsy type. Though here's another super cool option…

wood-wedding-bandOf course, for the nature-lover, there's also there's also this titanium ring with legit wood inlay.

There's no reason that men can't also add a little color to their wedding bands. I love this Men's Tungsten Carbide Ring with red and black carbon fiber inlay. It's like the hot rod of wedding bands! If your partner is not a fan of colored bands, it also comes in black carbon fiber.

Along with color, who says men can't rock some sparkly bling? Not I! This 14k white gold and diamond men's wedding band is gorgeous. Diamonds can be a dudes best friend too.


Sometimes, we like our rings like we like our hearts: BLACK. This onyx ring feels sleek, modern, and downright evil/sexy.

With all of the celtic-inspired weddings we've featured, I'm sure this celtic dragon wedding band would appeal to more than a few of you. It's made of tungsten carbide, so it's scratch-resistant and it's cobalt-free to avoid allergies.

Ooh, the onyx and diamond wedding band is one of my favorites! This ring is perfect for your artsy grooms.

Here's another option for the artsy. It's called the chevron-pattern ring, but I think it looks more like filigree. Whatever it is, it's cool looking.


Sleek and simple, we are loving the alexandrite stone in this modern design.

It seems that the previously boring world of men's jewelry is getting wilder.

Yay for that!

Of course, if your partner is like mine and doesn't like to wear jewelry, you can always reference this post for ring-alternatives.

  1. I got mine from amazon exactly like the ones in the picture at http://www.carbonfiberweddingbands.net . It's somewhat similar to the 2nd picture in this article. Also loving that full black ring you posted. Is it true that wood inlay cause skin irritation? my fiance loves those wood like designs

  2. My husband doesn't like wearing jewelry too! But I wish I'd seen this when I was looking for matching wedding rings for myself and my man! It's a gold skeleton hand ring by Freedomjewelryusa on Etsy, I've got one in silver and it's extremely comfortable to wear.


    We got thematically-but-not-stylistically matching skull rings in the end, but his, (by amazing Etsy skull jeweller Bakogiorgis), while being the most awesome and detailed (it even has a 3rd molar!) skull ring I've ever seen ..


    is so huge that it spins around on his finger all the time so he doesn't wear it very often. The gold hand ones would have been perfect! Maybe in a few years I'll get it for him as a surprise anniversary present :)

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