How to make wedding invitations with a sewing machine

Guestpost by Elizabeth Jancewicz on Feb. 24th

Elizabeth created wedding invitations that are gonna make you crafty folks get your DIY-crazed brains all in a tizzy. This is what happens when a sewing machine meets stationery.

I got this idea from an art show I had. I used hand-made stencil prints as my invite postcards, and I noticed that the people who received them and came to the show treasured them more, kind of like a little gift for my guests. Plus, I REALLY want everyone on my guest list to show up, so maybe this will encourage them (or guilt them, haha) to come!

First, I drew up a small invitation, RSVP info, gift registry and contact info cards, and photocopied them on tinted paper (x 250). Here those are, cut and folded, in neat little bundles.

Here is a close-up of the base of one of my invites. I bought several packs of printed scrapbook card stock sized to large index cards (already cut). My mom is a big sewer and she gave me free-rein of her sewing room — complete with machine, tons of neat fabric, ribbons, and lace. So, I then sewed cloth pockets with ribbon or lace onto each card, then glued our venue directions onto the back.

I put them together, assembly line-style, with my dad's help. We tucked the invite wording paper into the pocket, then used small paper clips to attach the RSVP info card to the outside of the pocket (the ribbon or on the edge of the pocket).

We don't have a colour theme for our wedding (mostly just "as colourful as possible") so it was fun to to make sure THAT theme stayed with the invites by making each and every single one COMPLETELY different! Though some have similar themes together, as you'll see…

The envelopes were simply colourful card stock folded in half and sewn up along the edges. I also added a strip of paper or sometimes ribbon to make them a little more elegant.

To make the envelopes, I just folded colourful card stock in half and added a strip of leftover card stock (or in some cases, ribbon) for an extra touch of colour, and used a sewing machine to sew them shut. Though, I am a little worried that guests won't know how to open them!

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Elizabeth and her future husband are a bit of a mini creative team: he's a piano player/song writer and, when she's not teaching art, Elizabeth goes on tour with him, playing and singing and doing an entire oil paintings during the set. Their plan is to do that full-time after their wedding this summer.