Emily & Joshua's vintage, naval, beach wedding

By on Feb. 25th

The last day of Beach Week features a couple who tied the knot to keep those hot summer nights going. Plus, there's victory curls and zombies — tell me more, tell me more! – Becca

The offbeat bride: Emily

Her offbeat partner: Joshua, United States Navy

Location & date of wedding: Naval Station Mayport Beach Jacksonville, Fl — October 9, 2010

What made our wedding offbeat: Joshua and I had already been married for four months when we had our wedding ceremony. He's in the Navy and we both were tired of being apart.

Wedding #2 074We got married in a courthouse in Kansas, so all of my family could be at our wedding, but we still wanted to have a special day to celebrate our marriage.

Our beach ceremony in Florida was for immediate family and close friends.

I did all the wedding planning and tried to keep everything super cheap due to our EXTREMELY tight budget. Our whole wedding was DIY.

I ordered our cake/cupcakes from a local grocery store for only $40! My husband is quite the zombie "nerd" so we had a good friend zombie out a cake topper that we bought from Michael's.

Wedding #2 299My mother, the bridesmaids, and I bought floral stems from Michael's and made our own bouquets so they'd last forever!

My sister bought fabric from Hobby Lobby and made my birdcage veil for me. Knowing that my sister/best friend made it for me gave the veil a much deeper meaning.

Wedding #2 230

Wedding #2 198My favorite moment: My oldest brother acted as our officiant. He wrote a poem for us and read it during the ceremony.

He wasn't sure how to lead into the ring exchange and final kiss. He looked at us and gave us a good nod, meaning, "kiss the bride." Our whole crowd and wedding party bust out laughing. Although some people might have been upset that the ceremony didn't go perfectly, I thought the humor was a perfect touch.

When my father walked me down the aisle, instead of Josh waiting for me to meet him at the end, he met my father and I halfway.

Wedding #2 220

Wedding #2 136My funniest moment: Our dinner reception was held at a brewery, and since there were less than twenty of us we decided not to rent out the whole place.

After dinner was over, there was a live band playing on the other side of the restaurant. Apparently, a lot of older couples go to the brewery to drink and dance. While standing and waiting for our drinks to arrive, several women walked by my father and each of them were full on grabbing his butt in hopes of getting some free drinks.

Wedding #2 312

What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding? The most important lesson I learned from my wedding is to never stress over the little things. If you approach something with a relaxed mind, things tend to go more smoothly. It's not worth getting upset when you have so many other things that are more important.

Wedding #2 238

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