Bridesmaids: the movie

By on Feb. 8th

I can't say if this movie's gonna be any good or not. In fact, I was FULLY skeptical upon seeing that it was yet ANOTHER wedding comedy. BUT! What I do have to say is…

    • Kristin Wiig
    • Maya Rudolf
    • Chris O'Dowd (*drool*)
    • Judd Apatow
    • Paul Feig (think Freaks and Geeks)

So, Coco and I watched the trailer, and we LOL'd all the way through it. This looks promising. I also added puppies and John Hamm to my list of things I'm excited about.

I think a lot of us can relate to the whole "accepting the job of bridesmaid without really knowing what may be expected of you" thing. Ooh, plus I think you guys are going to like the list of bachelorette party ideas, "lady Fight Club" being my favorite.

Here, see for yourself…

It just might inspire you to, either, make your bridesmaid's job easier. Or, perhaps, even showing them exactly what you expect with an awesome (and totally sane!) bridesmaid contract. Maybe you should just reference Ariel's bridesmaid advice before perusing our entire tag dedicated to the ladies (and sometimes men) who've got your back.

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