Underwater wedding day kisses from UK photographer Lauren McGlynn

By on Jan. 14th


Photographers that can capture a feeling along with the beautiful image are awesome and rare, that's why OBB sponsor Lauren McGlynn is such a great find!

The first time we introduced you to her, it became clear that her photos were somehow different — they not only showed the joy and happiness of the wedding, but they also made me FEEL the joy and happiness. (Seriously a trip to her blog is like shooting up virtual drugs: instant happy-high with lots of pretty visuals but without all the needles and horrible crashing afterwards.)

Lauren recently moved from Austin, TX to the UK and she was going to show-off all of her favorite photos from her UK weddings. But when I saw the amazing shots of Amanda and Andrew on Lauren's blog, I was all — record scratch — this is the jam!

Keep reading for some adorable underwater wedding photos and to snag a special deal from Lauren McGlynn…

Amanda and Andrew found an awesome house on Craigslist for their venue (great idea, right?) and had a simple Sunday brunch wedding with their closest family and friends. Lauren described the ceremony as short, sweet, and joyful. Now here's where this wedding goes from "aw" to "awesome!" …

After the ceremony, some of Amanda and Andrew's friends met them down at Barton Springs for a wedding day pool party! And this is where Lauren McGlynn goes from a great wedding photographer to a kick-ass wedding photographer. Not only is the photo of them in their bathing suits the most adorable thing I've seen all day BUT …

Lauren is a huge film nerd and she isn't afraid to get wet. So, she jumped at the chance to break out her underwater film camera and captured their wedding day happiness UNDERWATER. I mean, I can barely open my eyes under water and Lauren's framing up shots! And yes, you heard that correctly, Lauren is one of the few photographers left that will also shoot with film!

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Lauren McGlynn is offering a 10% discount to offbeat brides who book her through this ad. AND she's waving all travel fees for weddings in the UK. But, she will travel anywhere else at cost.

So, to sum it up: Lauren can not only capture an amazing image, but the feeling behind it, she still can shoot with film and she's offering a discount on her already affordable wedding packages, and she completely kicks ass. So… why isn't she your wedding photographer yet? Yeah, get on that ASAP!