Ethically-sourced sapphires in every color imaginable from Brilliant Earth

By on Jan. 25th

After all the years of OBB sponsorship, Brilliant Earth's sapphire rings still make me swoon.

Ariel and I are both the proud owners of Brilliant Earth sapphire rings. Ariel rocks one of their sapphire engagement rings and I have one of their cool sapphire bands that I like to mix and match with my wedding rings.

But enough about us … let's talk about pretty sparkly blue things! Pardon me … Ethically-sourced sparkly blue things!

Sapphires are an awesome alternative to diamond engagement rings. I just love the infusion of color in something that you wear every day. Plus, the cool thing about sapphires is that they can come in every color of the rainbow. Seriously, check out Brilliant Earth's loose gemstone gallery and search for sapphires only — you'll find so many variations on a theme of blue, along with pinks, purples, greens, yellows, even orange! The mind boggles.

And of course, like all of Brilliant Earth's jewelry, their sapphires are ethically-sourced, making your pretty, colorful bling super Earth-friendly. Head over to Brilliant Earth to check out their sapphire collection and add a splash of gorgeous color to your wedding finger.

Just in time for Valentine's Day: Brilliant Earth is running a promotion from January 20th to the 27th… they're giving away a free recycled silver Heart Charm Pendant with every ring order. Head over to Brilliant Earth and go for the V-day freebie!