Gay and lesbian-friendly wedding cake toppers

By on Jan. 10th

Unhappy truth: It's hard to find an abundance of gay-friendly and/or gender neutral wedding stuff. From advice, to porn, to products … our gender-bending, same-sex-loving friends constantly get the shaft. Recently, we got a request for advice on where to find same-sex cake toppers, so I thought I'd show you some of the ones I've found over the years…

Weddingstar is an interesting company. They're the ones that brought us some of the most barf-tastic and insulting cake toppers, but they're also one of only companies that make a bride-in-a-suit topper and sell their mini-people in separates, like this bride, and the more casual groom in grey. They also have offbeat toppers of color.

The "Sisters by Heart" figure from Willow Tree is as sweet as can be. "Sisters," huh? Yeah… okay. (wink wink)

This Ty Wilson porcelain statuette of two brides wearing dresses features four different ethnicities of brides that can be mixed and matched. Ty Wilson also makes the same version with the dual bouquet for dudes.

In fact, is one of the only places that you can find wedding cake toppers that work for gay couples of color. Unless you go the custom route…

These two-bride cake toppers from are completely customizable, including the hair, eyes and skin color, height, clothes and even the pose.

Blingy goodness over here is not only sparkly-as-fuck, but it's one of the only alphabet-type cake toppers that doesn't assume you're both taking the same name. Swarovski ampersand FTW! (Say that three-times fast.)

For those of you who don't want to shell out tons of dough for a blingy ampersand, check out Hortense B. Hewitt's wedding cake letters where you can also purchase an ampersand and a heart.

Aw, gender-neutral love birds are in love!

Here's another casually ambiguous kissing couple, it reminds me a lot of this cake topper. But I like that this is multi-purpose — it's actually a salt and pepper shaker. To see more magnetic salt and pepper shakers that could be cake toppers, including many that are gender neutral, check out this post.

I thought for sure some of these skeletal cake toppers would be gender-neutral, I mean, they're skulls. But alas, they very clearly bride-y and groom-y. So I took my search over to Etsy for some Day of Dead (Gay of the Dead?) cake toppers. This one from Localovespirate comes in grooms and brides.

This one is romantic as hell. Seriously, it's even called the "romance" lesbian cake topper. It's hand-painted, including small Swarovski crystal wedding bands, and hair accents!

Something about this Nene Thomas Fairy Figurine reminded me of Anli and Laura's lesbian gamer geek wedding. Couple that lovely lady with this lovely lady and you have an amazing lesbian fantasy wedding cake topper.

Does anyone else out there have advice on where to find good gay-friendly wedding cake toppers? If so, leave 'em in the comments. And for more cake topper ideas check out these posts…