A wedding dress that belongs in the wild

By on Jan. 19th

My first thought when I saw this photo was, "OMG YES!" Laura and Chris look absolutely stunning. Then I began to read more about these two bare-footed, nature lovers who live in the woods of Alqonguin Park, Ontario, and boy did I fall in love. Just wait until you see what Laura wore…

Since Laura teaches traditional wilderness skills, wildlife tracking and nature awareness, naturally, she wanted a dress that reflected her lifestyle: eco-friendly, unique and funky! She also knew that her dream dress had to include the color green. Her reasoning, "every good witch wears green on her wedding day."

Laura had one deerskin that she and her partner had naturally tanned to a super soft, off-white suede-like material. She used the deerskin to make her corset. She then turned to Chrissy Wai Ching to create a matching skirt with green embroidered details. Laura then added green ribbon to tie the corset and skirt together (so to speak). Voila! She had her one of a kind, earthy, chic wedding dress!

Laura made a birch bark cuff and porcupine quill earrings to compliment her eco-chic wedding dress. Can you say badass?

For accessories, she hand-made a wide cuff braclet out of a piece of birch bark and earrings from porqupine quills. As if Laura couldn't get any more bad-ass, she wore the bear tooth that she had received as her engagement ring along with her wooden wedding ring. To top it off, she wore a cute pair of handmade hemp shoes from esty and a white cotton shrug (due to frigid fall temperatures).

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