A budget-friendly, low-impact, wedding program-alternative

By on Dec. 30th

Tribe member Martha Kelly came up with a pretty cool program alternative for her down-home cookout/wedding. She explains,

Although I didn't want a super traditional wedding, I did like the idea of recognizing important people who have played a part in your life and the wedding. Traditional programs did not fit the bill for me because I wasn't having a wedding that needed all the bells and whistles explained, and I hate the idea of making all those pamphlets that will just get thrown in the trash.

So she decided, instead, to make one BIG photo program, using rolls of carpenters paper (the kind they put down not to mess up the floors), a Sharpie and some family photos…

Martha's husband welded up the stakes to hang the posters and they used bailing twine to anchor everything.

Martha attached the pictures with photo corners, so after the ceremony, the photos were then handed out to family members to take home.

Thanks to Martha for this affordable, low-impact, program-alternative! This idea has a lot of potential, I'm curious to see all the different ways you OBBs could take this idea and run. And if anyone else out there has cool program-alternative ideas… leave 'em in the comments…

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