Nerdy Save the Dates to get your geeky wedding started off right!

By on Dec. 8th

Save the Dates are weird — they're often looked at as an unnecessary, silly, extra expense and they have the WORST acronym of the wedding world. But they can also be the perfect way to infuse a little personality into your wedding to give your guests the heads-up that this event isn't going to be your typical wedding. That's why I'm all about these nerdy Save the Dates, the perfect way to say "this event is going to be nerdier than a pair of XKCD ten-sided die."

Seriously, we've got save-the-dates for book worms, sci-fi nerds, gamer geeks, comic book nerds, etc. So feast your four-eyes on these babies…

Courtesy of KembaCelebrations.

Courtesy of KembaCelebrations.

My sister-in-law hipped me to these bad boys from Etsy seller KembaCelebrations.

Control + Save the date with these computer key board Save the Dates from a master of nerdy wedding invites Dynamic Weddings.

Meta save the date is meta! (From Tribe member only1genevieve.)

Okay, so these are invitations, but I'm including them anyway. Plus the little heart-shaped controller buttons make me happy.

Courtesy of Team Welser.

I was totally hipped to these vintage comic book style STDs via Neatorama. They're made by Etsy shop Team Welser and they're pretty incredible.

Remember Tribe member Stacy Rebek's nerd-gasmic Periodic Table of the Element themed Save the Dates?

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Matrimony Save the Date CardsWhat about a simple little math problem?

Save-The-DateThe perfect book nerd's Save the Date! Thank to AmyMcKenna for uploading this to the OBB Flickr pool.

Courtesy of Grey Dog Designs.

Courtesy of Grey Dog Designs.

I found these binary code Save the Dates from Etsy seller Grey Dog Designs

phpXWKPbFPMTribe member Chucklehouse's friend helped create these Star Wars STDs, featuring her and her fiance as Han and Leia, with their bridesmaids and groomspeople appearing as the cast of supporting characters.

Flowchart Save the Date CardsWhat nerd doesn't appreciate a good flowchart? I love Minted's "Love Flowchart" Save the Dates!

savethedatecopyAw, robots in love from Tribe member Emi. She hand-drew these suckers.

savethedatesuperman_barThis was just one of the four different STDs that Tribe member Jordan Bell and her husband created.

STDfrontTriple word score Scrabble STDs from Tribe member PencilWitch.

The STD was from Megan and Rusty's unicorn and giraffe wedding. Rusty is a graphic designer/artist, so he designed the these.

livepreviewTribemaid Jennifer explains, "I found the comic strips on a great website about vintage comics. I whited out the word bubbles and put our own stuff in."

savethedate-2I'm telling you, I LOVE Tribesmaid Lara. It's not wonder that the girl who brought us the Geeky Love invites would have these epic geeky STDs for their geek-fest wedding! Let's see, we got lil anime creatures Star Wars, Harry Potter, Totoro, Pac-Man, Pokémon, Transformers, and even a Dalek with a top hat! Yeah, I said "Dalek with a top hat" and I'm a better person for it.

magnet_draft_size1Tribesmaid Stephy made these nerdy Press Y to Save the Date magnets.

STD001Speaking of books… check out Tribesmaid RedZulu's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy STDs. I love her description, "Because we are movie, gaming, geeks I want our wedding to reflect us but also have a bit of an edge. So I started by making these STDs. I'm sure some of our guests didn't get it and I know a couple of our older relatives almost threw them out thinking they were an advertisement, but I love them and it is so us!"

Save the Date - Doctor Who styleThese invitations are from my favorite cosplayer, Ginny McQueen. She explains,
"For ours, I wanted to use a photo of us together and Rob agreed to using a shot from our Doctor Who photo shoot. It was designed by me and printed on a 4×6 magnet."

4276372389_99ff13bf86These are the Save the Dates from Tribe member Reha. She explains, "That's a schematic for Charles Babbage's Difference Engine in the background. We are nerds." And the back of the post card has a table from a paper on Babbage's analytical engine.

Now I'm turning to you guys: Hit me with your best nerdy STDs!