This groom's purple outfit will make you squee

By on Nov. 10th

Photo by Erin McCown.

When I saw Cuba and Anna’s Offbeat Very Community-Oriented Wedding, I about died. Because while I love all manner of Offbeat weddings, there's no denying that Cuba & Anna are MY kind of offbeat. That distinctly West Coast, aging-raver/semi-hippie/kinda-Burner convergence. Their entire wedding was gorgeous, but I was especially struck by Cuba's outfit. So, I asked him to give me the details…

Cuba, how'd you decide what to wear?

Photo by Jaime Mason

We wanted a colorful event from the very beginning and took our original inspiration from beautiful Indian weddings, which carried over to our officiant's outfit that Anna also made.

Somewhere along the line we settled on a slightly muted orange and dark purple for our outfits and in particular I wanted mine to look spacey, princely and regal. We paired the fabrics with those used in Anna's dress and the motif was a continuation of our floral theme that was present on our invitations and stage deco and that matched our last name.

Photo by Julia Girardi.

Who made it?

The outfit was a collaborative design between Anna and I but she constructed the entire thing from scratch. And that was after creating her own wedding dress, the outfits for our two children, our officiant's suit and after-party outfits for both of us. She's unbelievable, and f**king crazy! Having all of the outfits made by her was incredibly satisfying and embodied our preference for creations made by our community over things rented or purchased.

Did you encounter any resistance to the outfit?

None at all. Quite the contrary, Anna often had her friend Erin come over to provide moral support when she became frustrated or overwhelmed by the scope of the projects.

Everyone who saw what she was making just loved it and we never heard anything but positive words throughout the entire affair.

Photo by Chad Clark.

Tell us about all the details — shoes, accessories, jewelry, hair? You had such a great look. MUST KNOW ALL!

Everything else was something of an afterthought after all of the energy put into the clothes. I've been partial to mohawks of various kinds for years and we colored it to match the peacock feathers (yet another sub-theme) in Anna's dress and added a hair wrap for flash.

Photo by Jaime Mason.

In the rush to get to the location we actually forgot to pack me more than a single pair of shoes which I wore setting up, during the ceremony and tearing down. Most of the night I danced and roamed in bare feet because they were soaking wet the entire time.

My favorite "accessory" to the outfit was our wedding tattoos on our wrists that we had made in lieu of rings. The design is the Buddhist "Endless Knot" surrounded by a band of flowers in colors chosen to contrast with each other. I didn't want jewelry to detract from our tattoos.

Thanks to Cuba for answering all my questions. To get the full scoop on this sumptuously colorful wedding, head on over's Delightfully Engaged blog!