S'more favors, please!

Guestpost by Onyah on Oct. 5th

Onyah put together THEE perfect favors for a wedding that involves a camp fire. And it is any wonder that the Tribesmaid who brought us Peep brides would have marshmallow favors…

Our wedding will take place at a former girl scout camp, and we'll have a campfire ring with a fire going in it. So it only makes sense for us to give little s'more kits as favors. A few months ago, a coworker told me about some "gourmet" s'mores that she regularly makes when she goes camping, and we LOVED that idea and decided to provide people with the ingredients to make four different kinds…

Here's what it looks like when you open it:

Here's everything that's included:

That slip of paper identifies the four kinds of gourmet s'mores (with our silly music-nerd names):

  • Punk Rock Classic: milk chocolate and honey grahams
  • Black Tie White Noise: white chocolate and chocolate grahams
  • Cinn City: dark chocolate and cinnamon grahams
  • Rolo-in' and Tumblin': 2 Rolos and honey grahams

Here's the packaging for the ingredients:

We're going to wait until right before the wedding to assemble the rest of them, because we don't want the marshmallows or graham crackers to get stale.

So yummy!