The spookiest, creepiest wedding invitations you'll ever see

By on Oct. 27th

I thought I'd do a special roundup for Halloween week here at OBB. I've scoured the archives of the Tribe to bring you the best of Offbeat Bride's halloween invitations and save the dates…

Tribesmaid Sara made these Ouija save the dates for her Halloween wedding. And the back is just as cool!…

These aren't the first Ouija invites that we've seen on OBB. Check out these from Derek and Joey for more inspiration.

Halloween Chandelier Party InvitationsThis Halloween Chandelier invitation is made for Halloween parties, but they'd be perfect for your spooky Halloween-themed wedding.

"As they lay their single lives to rest…" freaking GENIUS! These invites were hand-crafted by Tribesmaid Karolynn.

These Dial M for Murder Marriage save the dates from Tribesmaid Krys gave me chills just looking at 'em.

Check out the be-skulled STD magnets for Virginia and Eddie's Dia de los Muertos wedding.

These zombie love STDs were whipped up by the aptly-named Tribesmaid Redhotmomma.

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These severed finger invitations from Martha Stewart served as inspiration for Tribesmaid Lizzy A.M.'s Halloween wedding. Instead of the ribbon tied around the finger she decided to use fake engagement rings.

Dia de los Muertos Wedding InvitationsI love these Dia de los Muertos wedding invitations from Minted!

Tribesmaid Hallowedding bought the main design for our invites on Etsy. "When the design was bought, the seller included different old bat prints to help my designer friend expand on the initial design. I love how it all came out and kept the vintage Halloween look we were going for!"

Tribesmaid Veganxmegan created these "haunted tree" STDs using Photoshop. She says, "If no one noticed, the font is the closest to the Haunted Mansion font from Disneyland without paying $30… I decided that would be appropriate since we got engaged in the Haunted Mansion. I'm also going to be lining the envelopes in the wallpaper from the Haunted Mansion."

Okay, this isn't spooky as much as it's AWESOME! Good enough to eat? (Wakka Wakka!) Tribesmaid Jane M sent this photo of their wedding date spelled out in Halloween candy to all their guests via email.

And here are their wedding invitations complete with their awesome Halloween-y wedding logo!

Dark Romance Wedding InvitationsMinted's Dark Romance wedding invitations would be great for a goth wedding.

OBT member Trillian used these Corpse Bride STDs for her wedding. And yeah, clearly they didn't get married on Halloween, but this totally works for their pseudo-victorian Corpse-Bridey goth themed wedding.

This invite is from OBT member Morgan, who wanted to tie both their Elvis and Halloween theme into their invitations. I think they killed it (pun intended).

I love laser cut invitations and I think they look ESPECIALLY amazing when you're going for a creepy Halloween vibe! OBT member Team Runcible explains, "We had them laser cut in 8 different colors ranging from indigo (shown) to bubble gum pink. I think the company we worked with, Xylocopa, did a great job designing them."

OBT member Alina Jette and her husband got married on Friday the 13th. These were pretty perfect, were they not?

OBT member Corinnemarie22 designed these spooky Halloween invites herself (hence the don't-steal-this grey lines).

Awesome use of the embracing skeletons found near Mantova, Italy, in OBT member Mysty's STDs.

OBT member Caitlin (of nom card box fame) explains about these invites… "I wanted us in 'traditional' wedding clothes on the invites — it's the only way any of our more traditional relatives ar going to see me in a white meringue… if it's covered in blood."

What you're looking at here is a deluge of Dexter themed, crime scene, wedding invitations from OBT member MakeLifeHappen. Pretty freaky, right? I mean "freaky" in a good way of course. OBT members can see more pictures here.

OBT member Spooky's fiancé is a classic movie fanatic and she is a self-described horror queen. So, of course she remade the 1931 style Dracula poster to include their faces!

Tribesmaid Halloween Megan was trying to go for a "classy Halloween" invite look and I think she accomplished it! It's pretty AND spooky at the same time.

I'm digging these coffin mailers brought to my attention by Tribesmaid Ambi.

This graveyard themed invite from Tribesmaid Sara K has a ton of spooky cool details. The bottom of the burnt edged invites says, "we're dying to see you there" and it was sealed with a red wax skull.

Kristi McMullen's Day of the Wed invitations are awesome, and they came with this "how to survive a zombie attack" insert:

It's more than possible that I may have missed a few Halloween-y wedding invitations, if you got one that I missed, leave 'em in the comments!