One-of-a-kind headpieces from Designs by Portobello

By on Oct. 1st

Girls, grab your wallets (and maybe a new set of underpants?) because you're gonna soil yourselves first and then spend some money when you see what we've got for you today…

Designs by Portobello is an independent designer specializing in accessories, hand bag and even clothing, whose looks have been seen on several fashion forward brides to Courtney freaking Love. And while Susan Yin, the designer, makes some UH-MAZE-BALLS traditional-minded bridal headpieces and veils, today we're focusing on Portobello's One of My Kind collection of offbeat and colorful headpieces…

So yeah, these babies are a fair chunk of change, but here's why: Designs by Portobello hand makes each piece using free form design. Each intricately detailed piece uses a collection of vintage, thrifted trinkets and upcycled materials. Which means that although what you receive will look like the what is pictured, every single headpiece is unique and one of a kind.

But perhaps my favorite part of Designs by Portobello is that they love custom orders AND offer free style advice. Portobello totally loves to help out brides, and wouldn't mind questions about which piece might go best with your dress and hair style. And many of the pieces can be created in different colors.

Did you want a cherry on top? Okay! How's about a little FREE SHIPPING worldwide? Yeah, you like that, don't you?

SO get your undies and your wallets in check and click here to get your own one-of-a-kind bridal head piece.