Ringing bearers: for weddings with lots of children

By on Sep. 28th

I went to some friends' wedding a couple weeks ago, and they began their wedding-in-the-round ceremony with this wonderful thing I'd never seen before: all the children in attendance entered together, each ringing a tiny bell. The children walked single file in a large circle around the guests, clearly taking their "ringing bearer" duties very seriously. The sound was a wonderful way to call in the ceremony, and it was a beautiful way to honor a whole bunch of children — more than just the ring bearer and flower girl.

When I asked the bride where the idea came from, she said something about getting idea from a Chinese tradition, but it's not a tradition I'm finding much information about online. Regardless, the idea was wonderful — a great idea to steal!

Here's one peek at how it looks:

kids ringing in the ceremony

Photo by Megan Schley