Lindsey & Nick's Oregon Coast adventure honeymoon

By on Sep. 24th


Honeymooners: Lindsey and Nick

Type: Regional road trip

Budget: Micro-budget (under $500)

Where did you go? Our relationship began on an overnight trip to Seaside, Oregon, so it was only natural that we decided to return to the Oregon Coast for our honeymoon. We started in Long Beach, WA, and ended in Tillamook, OR. We spent each night in a different town, and enjoyed kind of meandering our way South.

What did you do?


Nick rockin the wool hat with the dino kite!

  • We enjoyed all of the local businesses and restaurants in the towns that we visited.
  • Did a lot of walking on the beach.
  • We also scored a pretty awesome dinosaur kite that we flew as often as possible.
  • We even scored matching Department of Defense approved wool hats!
  • We checked out intertidal life, too.
  • On our last day before we headed home we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory! Gotta love squeaky cheese!

Mostly, our routine was: breakfast, beach, shop, lunch, shop, beach, dinner, beach, hotel time!

What was the most meaningful moment of the trip? We ate dinner at a pizza place in Cannon Beach, OR and shared a pitcher of beer on our last night, then walked back on the beach to our hotel. It was sunset, and wonderful. We lingered a little on the beach, and listened to the waves. It was blissful!


Haystack Rock!


At an Italian restaurant in Seaside, OR.

What would you have done differently? It would have been nice to have activities planned, like hiking or museums. However, we really just enjoyed each others company.

What's your advice for other offbeat honeymooners? We arranged to have two weeks off after our wedding. One week for honeymoon fun and the second week for logistical stuff like changing my name, and opening a joint bank account. I was very glad we did this because I didn't feel rushed to shake off the wedding bliss and get back to my routine. It was so important to me to not feel rushed that I took the second week without pay. My rationale was: "It is my wedding! No one can tell me I can't have every moment that I want!"


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