Wedding cakes that don't look like wedding cakes

By on Aug. 31st

I like doing cake round-ups if you haven't noticed. I've done groom's cakes, cupcake displays and geeky wedding cakes so far. But sometimes some offbeat wedding cakes defy categorization. Here is a round-up of some wedding cakes and don't actually fit the "wedding cake" mold…

The Wheat-Full Wedding CakeFlickr member redowa submitted this pic to or Flickr pool and explained the story behind it, "We had no idea what we wanted in or on the cake. As we were talking with our baker, we started to get excited and wanted to draw… so she found us paper and some Crayola markers. We ended up drawing a perfect day from a kid's sketchbook. The baker dutifully reproduced our ridiculous sketch in fondant."

Our Badass Tiki Cake by Velma's World.Thanks to Velma for submitting this Tiki wedding cake! "Tiki-themed cake, complete with hula bride-and-groom, thatched hut, waterfall, palm trees, and villagers. What more could a girl want?"

You may recal Liz and Austin's infamous steampunked wedding cake, well here's another one from the Artisan Cake Company. The octopus cake topper just kills me.

Brownie Cake & Crochet Bird ToppersI just love OBT member Katie Sue Krueger's brownie cake, not to mention those little crocheted cake toppers!

Cake!. Shaun and Clare 09/10/09Check out OBT member Reddressretro's pretty bird cage shaped cake. Apparently the birds were taken from the motif on their invitation.

Making the Cut by The Voice of Eye.Remember the cake-scape from Dan Das Mann and Karen's wedding in Sonoma?

Our cake!Oh man, I will NEVER forget this cake from Melissa & Phil's Day of the Dead, heavy metal Mexipalooza wedding, there's nothing freaking like it.

Cake by :: a r d e n t ::.Way back in 2008 Ariel shared an OM NOM NOM-Y good shot from Rachel and Ali's wedding, but what she failed to show you was their awesome domed wedding cake.

the wedding cakesThis was my first encounter with an offbeat wedding cake. The oversized popcorn and root beer float are actually the cakes from Ragani and Will's wedding.

9jendan3I am in awe of this cake. And even though it does look like a wedding cake, it still is absolutely incredible. The cake was made by one of the bridesmaids! And it featured white chocolate koi fish, along with celtic knot work.

Beautiful and DelishFlickr member juicyasana added this photo of their cake by Adrienne's. She explains, "The design on the cake and the colors were taken from our invites. There is also an andinkra symbol (the moon and star) in a couple places on the cake. The flavors were lemon, peanut butter chocolate and carrot!"

Look at this cake!!The cake is a drum! (From Dannette and Nicholas' musically inspired wedding.)

Flickr member Patty Pan shared this photo of her incredible, organic, fair-trade and vegan wedding cake. She said, "I would have married the cake. Or the cake maker. For real."

Our Big Chocolate Wedding CakeFlickr member neoshoegal described this as "Our Big Chocolate Wedding Cake" I… have no words for this. Wait — is it spitting fire too!? Wow.

_MG_7257Speaking of fire, this cake from Elena & Flo's French castle wedding was a total surprise, thought up on the fly by the whole staff. This chocolate volcano-looking cake has cookies plastered all over it, with little flares going off. It kind of looks like a Dalek to me.

Cake again. This little guy is from Devin & Stephen's tattoo-inspired, Rock Band wedding. It's a margarita cheesecake, complete with salt rim and Devin's mom made it!

cakeLook at the tree cake! Now look at the cute the little nest cake topper! Thanks to flickr member pocky_pepper for submitting this to the Flickr pool.

My weddingI love these wedding cakes from hellishcheeky. I love that this looks like a birthday cake! I also love that it's topped with Han and Leia figurines.

sc00045de8RubyRedRing uploaded this cake to our Flickr pool and explained that it's a "double happiness takeout box (vegan chocolate) and red velvet underneath with frog closures that matched the ones on my dress." It's pretty stunning.

DSC00053I love that this cake looks like it's getting hugged by that black ribbon.

Cutting our giant Peep cakeAnd who can forget the giant Peep cake from Emily & Wil's eccentric, candy-coated wedding!

Viking long boat cakeCheck out OBT member Rhiannon Bennett's super unique wedding cake. She explains, "Keeping in with our theme, my amazing mother made this Viking long boat out of fruit cake! It was so unbelievable!"

OBT member Wohlbedacht just shared her awesome nut and bolt wedding cake with us in a recent wedding planning update.

Wedding CakeUh ma gahd. I SO wish I could have added this to my geeky wedding cake round-up! OBT member Catnippe was lucky enough to have this Mario wedding cake with Peach and Mario on top.

We always love us some more food porn, so if you want to show off your offbeat wedding cake make sure to upload them to the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool or tell us what you did in the comments.

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