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Turn plain 'ol Crayons into crafty customizable gifts using ice trays!

By on Aug. 19th

I love finding new ideas for wedding favors that are both geeky AND useful! Check out a Gwenab-inspired wedding favor idea…

And she was nice enough to let us know how she did this…

"The Lego men take one crayon and the Invaders take two. I found twenty minutes at 200 degrees to be best. I would deffinatly say to use silicone molds because I tried some other molds and they were a pain. They pop out pretty easily, the Space Invader molds are a bit of a pain though so i'd recomend buying mold release for around $8."

And Gwenab used the tutorials from here and here.

Just think of all the fun possibilities with these guys, you can find ice tray molds in TONS of stuff. My favorites…

Stars — these would be cool to do a different color for each point.

Flowers and leaves for a nature loving wedding.

Dinosaurs for general awesomeness.

Alphabet and symbols for a bookish wedding.

Spiders and spider webs for a Halloween wedding.

Now get to melting!!!