Monday Montage

By on Jul. 26th

Let's begin this week's Monday Montage with some color!

Beth, the leg to which this garter belongs and her hubby Chris are comic book collecting, action figure collecting, video game playing nerds. Aka a match made in dorkdom. So not only did Beth wear a Wonderwoman garter but she had a Joker garter too.

Anna and Jon had a small wedding in their Aunt's backyard. At this backyard wedding they had a cupcake tower…

Our cake topper
Atop the "tower of cuppies" were these two figurines from their favorite video game Bioshock. I don't even know what that is, but this cake topper is freakin' rad!

Photo courtesy of Addison Hare

Can you guess where this dashing couple tied the knot? If you guessed Memphis, TN then you are right! (What gave it away?) Ariel and Vic got married at the legendary Sun Studio also known as the Birthplace of Rock N' Roll!

I don't know about you, but I like any chick who can rock an accordion, especially on their wedding day!

Our Wedding 13
And then there's this one. Sarah in that white dress and Jeff in his Navy uniform. It's just so regal, I want to hang this in my living room over my fireplace, well if I had a fireplace.

Our Wedding 46
And yes, Sarah was wearing wings at her reception!

The (in)Famous Nom-Monster!
And check it out, we knew this would be a hit with the OBBs. More nom-monster card boxes PLZ!

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