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Cool alternatives for an engagement ring for masculine partners

By on Jul. 27th


I'm not engaged, but very much in love with my sweet geek and amazing boyfriend and I'm thinking about popping the question. I would like to give him something like an engagement ring but not really.

What would you suggest as cool alternatives for an engagement ring for a guy?


I think the most critical thing to keep in mind, when thinking of what you should give your partner, is that whatever you choose should have specific relevance to your relationship and you want it to be something equally long-lasting. I'm reminded of one of our Offbeat Bride Tribe members, FrankiHarrogate, who proposed to her boyfriend with a spoon!

Franki explained:

We were talking about engagements one night and I said, 'Who decided on rings, anyway? Rings are completely arbitrary and I don't really want one. An engagment spoon — now that would be original.' A month or so later… I bought a spoon and proposed to him. Most people think it's neat, some people don't get it at all. The important part is that we both like it and he was totally over the moon when I asked — just as much as I was over the moon when he said yes.

But, if you don't happen to have convenient inside jokes that revolve around engagement traditions, I've compiled a super fun list of things you could use to propose to your boy or otherwise masculine partner:

A Necklace

Okay, so your partner doesn't wear rings, but would they wear a necklace?

Perhaps you could get him his wedding ring early and he could wear it around his neck.

Perhaps you could get him his wedding ring early and he could wear it around his neck.

Do you have a special song? Get the lyrics hand-stamped on this sterling silver guitar pic and turn it into a necklace.

I love capsule necklaces. You could write your proposal down and put it in this capsule!

I love capsule necklaces. You could write your proposal down and put it in this capsule!

Okay okay, here is my favorite necklace. It's a new (and geeky?) take on those Best Friend heart necklaces.

A handkerchief

Remember the "bromance notes" Ariel featured in her gifts for groomsmen post? Well you could use them as their original purpose… to convey words of love!

A fancy watch

Watches are sort of like rings in that you can find them in any price range from affordable to this one pictured above is a watch I chose because of the diamond accent, and the fact that it's looks pretty bad-ass.

Something handmade

There are so many incredible stories of OBBs making things with which to propose; including the very first OBB herself, Ariel. Ya'll might remember Ariel's story about proposing to her husband. Ariel proposed at a pottery painting place with, what else, a piece of pottery!

On the second edition of How to propose to your boyfriend, Tribe member He1en shows off her creative proposal box.

Cookies/cakes/baked goods

Mandy proposed to her fellow amateur mycologists boyfriend with these mushroom cookies. Proposing with baked goods is a double whammy — an adorable proposal and a yummy treat all in one.

A special lighter

If you read Offbeat Bride, you may remember that one of the brides proposed to her guy with an "engagement lighter."


This one has lots of space to have something engraved.

This one's called "ring of fire" — engagement "ring of fire"?

Till death do you part?

'Till death do us part?

Pocket watch

The pocket watch pictured above has perfect surfaces to engrave something on it, or you could even slip in a special picture or a message on the inside. I like the exposed cogs and wheels of this one.

Other ideas…

Anyone else have any ideas? Leave 'em in the comments!

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