The latest news from Princess Lasertron + a giveaway!

By on Jul. 23rd

nuala's flowersIf you familiar with this site at all then you're probably more than familiar with Princess Lasertron and her iconic felt flower and button bouquets. I mean, OBB even has an entire tag devoted to her and to all our brides who have used her bouquets.

Megan created the original design for the felt flower bouquet in 2005 and since then that undertaking has grown into a three-person business serving over 150 brides each year! Of course like any good idea, brides started to realize that they could probably do this themselves. And they can, but it's often REALLY time consuming. Enter Princess Lasertron's Felt Flower Kits!

The bouquet you see on the left here was made by bride Nuala using a Princess Lasertron felt flower kit! Keep reading to find out how you can not only get your hands on one of these kits, but possible get one of them for FREE!…

Each bouquet kit includes everything you need to make a 10" custom bouquet — hand-cut flowers and buttons in colors of your choice, pre-cut wire, embroidery floss and needles, pearl-headed pins, satin ribbon, floral tape, plus a few other special surprises. Basically the only thing not included in the box is a pair of scissors and your creativity.

You can get your own bouquet kit custom made in the colors of your choice. You can choose one of the seven color options that Princess Lasertron offers or request your own custom color palette.

This is an awesome budget friendly alternative to the beautiful handmade-by-Megan bouquets. At $130 for a kit you'll have a truly one of a kind bouquet that will be a constant bad-ass wedding day keepsake. Pass it down maybe? Who knows! But what I'm saying here is that it's an affordable way to get a Princess Lasertron bouquet!

You know what's an even more affordable way to have a Princess Lasertron bouquet… to get a free one. To find out how to win a the kit pictured above (orange, pink, olive, brown and teal) head over to the Princess Lasertron website. Or if you want to skip the games and procure one asap… go here. and then make sure to upload your incredible work to her Flickr pool so we can all ooh and aah.