Matt and Jescia's amazing amusement park wedding photos

By on Jul. 21st

Ferris Wheel UsSo yeah… Ariel and I are kind of (okay fine…) TOTALLY freaking out over Matt and Jescia's incredible wedding party photos taken on carnival rides at some amusement park in Bismarck, North Dakota.

They took awesome ferris wheel shots like this one of the bride and groom here, along with some fun times on a swing (remember underdogs?), merry-go-round photos, and these really great bridal party photos with the groups going down a Super Slide…

Wardrobe Malfunction

Oh and they had a fantabulous homemade photo booth…

Family Photo

And, oh and yes, they also got married. And this might well be one of my favorite "we did it" moment photos…

We did it!

Hopefully these crazy kids will be filling out a bride profile SOON! So that we can get you more details asap. Until then… slide show!

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